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dhtmlxGantt is a product from dhtmlx available at

The purpose of this class is to be able to generate the HTML that renders a gantt chart by passing some properties to the class. The latest version of the gantt chart from their site is V2. There is still some developments that might take place on their source code. Please note the licensing of this application from their site.

To use the class you need to download the dhtmlxGantt from the link above, create a website project, add the class and then define your properties to add tasks and generate the gantt chart. Whilst the class is documented via comments, your best source of information about the dhtmlxGantt is from directly.

So far, for personal experience, this is the best gantt chart that I have been able to easily understand and be able to built a HTML render for it. Whilst not all properties and methods are documented, one is able to easily create and render a gantt chart on their webforms.

Please note that this will not replace their version for as indicated to be in the pipeline, but the class was for me to understand and learn more about their products and easily use them in webforms whilst they are working on their version.

An example on the usage of the class has been posted under "Discussions"



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